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Director of Finance - Audit
at Solomon Page

Posted 7/13/2017

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Job Description

Los Angeles area Entertainment organization is seeking to add a Senior Level Finance professional to their team. This position is responsible for overseeing the intake process of third-party audits for our client and the coordination on behalf of our clients audits of third parties. This role will monitor each audit's progression through the various fieldwork phases, as well as research and address problems, challenges, and identify potential opportunities and system solutions to improve processes related to all areas of each incoming and outgoing audit. This role will review the audit rights, identify key contract points, analyze audit results, provide claim support and generally give feedback on any issues identified with the flow of financial data through multiple systems over the course of the audit life cycle. Additionally, you would be responsible for the following:

The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications and skill sets:

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Los Angeles, CA

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